Bankruptcy Relief Center

Get Your Freedom Back. Our San Jose Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Here to Help Get Rid of Your Debt.

We are a bankruptcy law firm devoted to restoring dignity and control to the lives of our clients. This is our guiding principle, and we achieve this goal by informing, counseling, and defending our bankruptcy clients. When a potential client comes to us to learn about what protections are available under bankruptcy law, that potential client often feels that his or her financial life is spinning out of control. Debts of all kinds, whether arising from mortgage payments, credit cards, lawsuits, taxes, or whatever the source, contribute to feelings of helplessness and sometimes hopelessness on the part of the potential client.


Jon G. Brooks and the rest of our bankruptcy attorneys are here to put an end to debt. And by rescuing the drowning debtor, we empower our clients to take back control over their financial future. We only represent debtors. That is to say, we only represent regular people–individuals and small businesses who owe more than they can feasibly afford to pay in full. We never represent creditors or big business. They have plenty of powerful firms to fight for their interests. Fewer lawyers desire to represent the less powerful, but this is precisely what we love to do, and we defend our clients aggressively. We are the bankruptcy attorneys who live to fight back against bullies. Bully bill collectors, credit card companies, predatory lenders, and bulldog collection attorneys.

Part of our mission is to inform our clients about bankruptcy law. The more informed are clients are, the more empowered they feel, and the more information we can impart to our clients, the more hope they have, and the more control they feel over their financial future.

We call this our Bankruptcy Relief Center because we aim to provide here a starting place for our clients to begin the bankruptcy process with eyes wide open and armed with as much information as possible about the process of filing bankruptcy. We have prepared dozens of articles here that we encourage our clients and our potential clients to read and read again. The articles here are the result of many years of both practicing bankruptcy law and listening to our clients.

There are articles here that address everything from simple explanations of the different types of bankruptcy in plain language to detailed discussions of topics such as California foreclosures, what assets can be retained by the debtor in Chapter 7, and how lien-stripping works in Chapter 13. We also have many FAQs that have come directly from the most common questions of our clients over the years. We hope you will find these bankruptcy articles useful.

To schedule a free consultation with a San Jose bankruptcy lawyer, please call us at 408.286.2766. Prior to our appointment, we ask that you download our Personal Bankruptcy Questionnaire, fill it out to the best of your ability, and bring this information with us to your meeting.

We are proud to be a Debt Relief Agency as defined by federal law. We help people get out of debt by filing for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

By Jon G. Brooks